We will be posting definitions collected from our members and other sources. Have interaction with a ‘Story' - we've got regular talks with our volunteers in regards to the Story Shop - explaining the method, from this we establish a possible story teller. Write a ‘Story' - we ask the volunteer to put in writing their story in their very own words, with a start, a middle and an end. We meet with this particular person several instances talking by what they've written (and usually what they haven't) and between us we develop a story ranging from the beginning of their mental well being journey to where they're at present.

Time will probably be spent with this particular person guaranteeing that they're pleased to go forward with their story, we undergo the signals we use when in a session so that people story the story is relaxed and emotionally prepared. A call is then made if the Story needs to carry on or take trip in another room where they will speak via how they are feeling.

Assist a ‘Story' - before a session all the stories and the member of workers meet up and talk for half an hour about how we are all feeling - this is where the staff member will recognise if a story is feeling vulnerable/emotional. Maintain protected signals whilst Story Store in session - all Stories have bottled water and a pen on their individual table.